About The Therapy Tree

Positive. Passionate. Personal.

Personalised support to help you reach your potential & live happy.
No matter your age, no matter your ability.

Based in Devon UK, The Therapy Tree is a holistic support service delivered by Ashleigh Paddon. The Therapy Tree integrates Ashleigh’s experience as Specialist Speech & Language Therapist, Complementary Therapist and Enabler / Carer by offering different branches of support:

  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Complementary Therapies for people living with ‘Special Needs’ (developmental disability)
  • Black & The Wild Holistic Therapies for relaxation, personal & spiritual growth
  • Therapeutic Enabling

Ashleigh specialises providing Speech & Language Therapy and Yoga based Therapy for people who live with Special Educational Needs & Disability.

For a full list of what we can offer check out the ‘Services’ page.

In addition to the specialisms we offer relating to people living with disability, we also offer Complementary Therapies appropriate for people living without disability. At The Therapy Tree we believe in the Social Model of Disability and strive for an inclusive community; labels aren’t important to us; however we know that when you’re searching online for specific needs it can help to use such terminology which is why we have grouped our specialist services together for your ease.

Ashleigh knows from experience, as well as the evidence base, that in order for development to progress we need to integrate therapy directly into our lifestyles and work holistically. This ethos runs through all of the services offered at The Therapy Tree so that you can feel assured you are receiving quality, person centred support.

To provide this level of personalised support Ashleigh prides herself on relationship building and where possible joint working; this is particularly crucial when working with clients who have disabilities and their families.

At The Therapy Tree we can support people of all ages and abilities. From Ashleigh’s experience working with children who live with developmental disabilities or ‘SEN’ she understands how difficult it is for clients and families, who receive regular support, when they transition from child to adult services. At The Therapy Tree age is just a number and Ashleigh is happy to support across the lifespan.

We understand the importance of relationship building, consistency & the lifestyle approach.

At The Therapy Tree all support is tailored to the client. So if you want the full package of integrated support, intensive Speech & Language Therapy and access to Ashleigh’s specialist skills within your lifestyle, on a regular basis, great! Equally if you would like a one off 1hr session to experience, for example, Reiki then that’s great too! There is no obligation to use all of our services because here we understand that everyone is unique with their own needs.

Click here to find out more about Ashleigh and what she can offer.

So get in touch and let’s talk about what you need today.

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