Therapeutic Enabling

Embedding therapy into daily life leads to generalised skills & meaningful, effective communication

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears”


See end section for information about Ashleigh’s enabling experience.


Therapeutic Enabling.

A service unique to The Therapy Tree, the intended focus of Enabling+ is to go beyond the traditional therapy session, embedding therapy approaches and recommendations into ‘real life’.

Offered in half day or full day sessions therapeutic enabling provides intervention within daily life to promote functional independence and generalisation of communication skills.

This service is particularly appropriate for people with complex needs as well as those who require Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) methods.

In addition to a SALT focus, where availability permits, any of our other complementary therapies can be included for no additional cost; for example Special Yoga Therapy compliments many communication interventions.

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As a registered Speech & Language Therapist, Ashleigh and her team of highly skilled Therapy Assistants, can provide specialist support for people living with communication disability.

Following an in-depth assessment, targeted support can be integrated into a person’s lifestyle to develop and generalise functional communication skills. Enabling+ typically involves working towards specific goals agreed and documented within a therapy plan.

The team are happy to work collaboratively with family, carers and other settings. Such joint working supports understanding of the therapy programme and ensures continuity of input, which promotes generalisation of skills.

An in-depth assessment is required before the start of Enabling+ services for a number of reasons:

  • So that a trusting relationship between our team and the person / key people can be built
  • To understand the client’s abilities, challenges & lifestyle
  • So that realistic and appropriate goals can be set
  • To ensure a consistent approach, in line with the clients wants and effective support provided by caregivers, is provided

These services are typically booked in blocks of 6 sessions to allow for the time necessary to plan, work towards goals set and monitor progress.

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Ashleigh’s Experience

Ashleigh has a range of caring and enabling experiences built over the past decade.

  • Personal carer role for family member
  • As a Play worker and then Manager of a School Holiday Play Scheme for Children & Young People Living with Disabilities
  • As a Play worker and then Deputy Manager of a Saturday ‘Respite’ Play Scheme for Children & Young People Living with Disabilities
  • Domiciliary Care for Older People
  • Supported Living Support Worker & Enabler for Adults living with Developmental Disabilities
  • Domiciliary, Respite Care & Enabling for Children Living with Developmental Disabilities and ‘SEN’.
  • Enabling short breaks and holidays eg: Calvert Trust, DisneyLand Paris, Camping/Caravaning, London breaks and stadium concerts..
  • Co-ordinating a team of Enablers & Carers

Ashleigh has experience supporting people with a range of needs including:

  • A spectrum of ability levels ranging from mild to multiple and profound difficulties
  • Congenital and Acquired differences
  • Communication difficulties
  • Learning difficulties
  • Physical difficulties
  • Medical needs
  • Social difficulties
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Sensory Integration difficulties
  • People displaying behaviours that challenge
  • People Living with Degenerative Conditions
  • People requiring a palliative care approach
  • People living with a range of diagnostic labels (eg: Autism Spectrum Condition, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Multi-Sensory Impairment and ‘Deafblind’, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Dementia)
  • Undiagnosed and rare conditions

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Approximate costs given as a guide. Please contact Ashleigh for a free no obligation consultation.

Full day: £210
Half day: £105
Therapy Assistants

* Assistants work closely with Ashleigh communicating after every session as part of progress monitoring.

Full day: £156
Half day: £78
Travel & Expenses Return from base £0.45 per mile

Travel time over 1hr may incur additional charge as agreed at booking.

Plus any expenses incurred as agreed and associated with the role requirements.

Costs may vary depending on the needs of the client
For more detailed information contact:

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