Speech & Language Therapy Testimonials

“We are very lucky to have you as you know L’s way of thinking/learning and you explain everything so well.”

Jitka, Parent

“Ashleigh has proved to be the best Speech & Language Therapist that J has ever had”

Anonymous Parent

Specialist Complimentary Therapy Testimonials (SEN)

“she was so relaxed during Special yoga which really helped her range of movement. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her legs move that much without any pain!”

Anonymous, Carer

“Alfie loved his yoga massage! He’s been telling everyone about it since!”

Donna, Parent


“Ashleigh has been looking after Karis as her carer for several years now and we are very lucky to have her. She is very experienced in her work as a speech and yoga therapist and has used it during her caring role. I would not hesitate to recommend her. Anyone receiving treatment from Ashleigh won’t be disappointed.”

Sharon, Parent

Black & The Wild Testimonials

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“I had my first reiki session with Ashleigh yesterday and I am so glad I got to experience a session. The feeling of complete relaxation is something I think I had only experienced a couple of times previously. The feelings that the session gave me could only be described as euphoric I saw colours, had tingles from my head to my toes and my emotions overflowed. After my reiki I felt like my mood had improved and as if the fog had cleared and it felt easier to laugh again. What a magical experience. I couldn’t recommend Ashleigh as a practitioner highly enough. It was a real honour to have my first reiki experience with Ashleigh who is a real professional taking the time to discuss the process beforehand and after the session. It was clear she knew what she was doing and could really harness the energy in the room. If you fancy doing something for yourself and experiencing something magical and inspiring then reiki with Ashleigh sh


“I felt much better after (Tarot), clearer and a weight lifted”


Thankyou Ashleigh, for explaining the wonderful world of tarot to me. You prepared me beautifully for the reading and helped my understanding the origins of tarot.
Since my reading, I have resumed regular meditation, which has grounded me once more. I am now looking forward to whatever my future has for me, my fears abated, thanks to you. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Ashleighs holistic approach and look forward to exploring further therapies with her in the future.


I had my first experience of Reiki with Ashleigh and I would 100% recommend her. Ashleigh made me feel comfortable right from the start and the experience was very positive. I find it very hard to relax but after one session I felt totally relaxed and the benefits stayed with me throughout the day. I felt refreshed and like I had more energy to get things done. Can’t wait for my next session!


With much gratitude and love to all the wonderful people who have shared their experiences x

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